My City Hotel is a small and beautiful first-class hotel in Tallinn. The hotel is located in a stunning historical building in Tallinn’s Old Town, and its interior combines modern and classical luxury.


My City Hotel is a beautiful property in Tallinn’s Old Town. In addition to the hotel’s excellent location, our guests have convenient access to various attractions in both the old town and city center.

The hotel building was constructed in the 1950s during the Soviet occupation. It was closed to civilians for several years and served military purposes as the Headquarters of the Soviet Navy Officers. The red star on the hotel facade serves as a reminder of that era.

The building has undergone a complete renovation and was opened as a 67-room hotel in 2001. As a small hotel, we can focus on each guest individually and make them feel at home.


My City Hotel’s owner is an Italian art collector who has brought several favorite pieces from his collection here. You can see the giant and colorful paintings of the renowned Italian naturalist Antonio Pedretti in the lobby. Various works by different artists can be found in all rooms, and in public spaces, you’ll encounter pieces by Michele Cascella, Mimmo Rotella, Aligi Sassu, and Mario Schifano.

Michele Cascella
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