Things to do with kids in Tallinn

Visiting Tallinn with children

Tallinn is ideal for spending time with family because there is plenty of things to do with kids. My City Hotel in Tallinn Old Town is at short walking distance from places to go with children in Tallinn.


Smaller children can have fun in the Miiamilla children’s museum. There they can ask questions, look around, touch, listen, learn, explore and play. Every day there are fun activities, which take into consideration the age and number of the visitors. Come with your whole family, no one will ever get bored here.


In front of the museum, there is a Kadriorg Park playground, where children can climb, slide, swing and build sandcastles. When you get hungry, you can have a picnic in the park’s greenery and watch the bustling swans and ducks on the pond. In addition to the abovementioned, there are also the Presidential Palace, the Flower Garden and the Estonian biggest art museum KUMU in Kadriorg Park.

Family Package, from 135€

Family Package, from 135€

Children’s Museum

Children’s Museum is located in Tallinn’s oldest suburb Kalamaja. On the two floors of the museum, you can see toys from the Middle Ages up to the present day. The oldest objects are a small leather ball from the 15th century and a fashion doll from the first part of the 18th century. The museum introduces children’s toys through the centuries: the display shows dolls and doll furniture, cars, trains, ships, toy pets, board games, children’s books, postcards, etc.


Children’s Museum is not only a home for old toys. Children are also welcomed to play in the play corner, build with legos, read books, watch cartoons and make something together with an instructor.


Children’s Museum is only 15 minutes walking distance from My City Hotel in Tallinn Old Town.

NUKU theatre and museum

The NUKU theatre and museum in the Old Town of Tallinn opens up a magical world of theatre filled with interesting stories, developing activities and special puppets. The theatre and museum together create unique art of puppet and visual theatre that offers eye-opening experiences, activities and educational programs for children and youth as well as adults.


NUKU provides an opportunity to play with theatre puppets, peek into the world behind the stage, meet the actors and host birthday parties. Experiences for the entire family!

The Estonian Open Air Museum

The Estonian Open Air Museum is located in Tallinn, on the seashore of Rocca al Mare.


It is akin to a village, where you can see Estonian rural architecture and village life from the 18th to the 20th centuries. It is not only a historic display of medieval life, but you can experience it yourself – ride in a carriage, get acquainted with domestic animals and enjoy a picnic in the fresh air.


Like in any village, there is a church, a tavern, a school, some mills, a fire station, etc. The museum’s 12 farms give an overview of how people with different economic conditions lived in the olden times.

Seaplane Harbour

Welcome aboard! Seaplane Harbour is an exciting maritime museum in Tallinn, Estonia for the whole family.


Located in the unique and historic seaplane hangar, our interactive exhibition includes a real submarine from the mid-1930s, seaplane Short 184, a 100-year-old ice-breaker, two cinemas, many simulators and much more.


While you are there, take a look at one of the nicest souvenir shops in Tallinn or eat local food at their restaurant MARU.

Adventure Parks

There are three different adventure parks in Tallinn: Nõmme Adventure Park, Pirita Adventure Park, and Zoo Adventure Park. Venturing the trails up in the trees you’ll discover yourself and company in exhilarating situations. Each trail reaches new heights you’ll gradually pass through more difficult obstacles.


There are different trails available for adults and kids. Depending on kids courage and enthusiasm kids park is suitable for the children in the age 2-8 years. Adults can follow along and help out where necessary.


Zoo Adventure park is named like this for a reason – it is in the Tallinn Zoo. You can go there before or after the adventure park!

Energy Discovery Centre

Energy Discovery Centre is a unique electricity and energy themed family science centre where you can discover, play and learn.


You can discover the secrets of the 101-year-old power plant and more than 100 interactive exhibits.


Opportunity to travel to distant planets in a virtual planetarium and to experience unique lightning demonstration in Baltics!

Tallinn Zoo

Welcome to the Zoo, where you can see the exciting collection of different animal species. You can see big animals as well as representatives of the smallest species. During the summer season, children have the chance to feed the animals.


Vembu-Tembumaa is an amusement park that offers activities for the whole family. It is a place, where fun experiences are offered for small children, school children and grown-ups alike. The park offers go-carts, ATV-track, game room, pools, water attractions, Tarzan’s trail, and more.


Go to Vembu-Tembumaa for a fun summer day with the whole family!

Kalev Spa Water Park

All children of every age love water. Take the swimming suites and delight the children by visiting Kalev Spa Water park. It’s only a short walk from My City Hotel.


Children can have fun in the children’s pool or slide down a tube, at the same time you can go swimming, use the saunas or just enjoy an ice cream cocktail in the cafe. Doesn’t it sound great?


In winter, there is an Ice Rink in Harjumäe, which is only 50m from My City Hotel in Tallinn Old Town. You can rent skates, and the lighted ice rink is open till the late hours of the evening.

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