Tallinn, capital of Estonia

Welcome to Tallinn, Estonia, where the medieval and modern city are beautifully combined. Tallinn is a small city with lots of options for holding or attending conferences, taking a city break or having a family vacation.

Tallinn, Capital of Estonia is a seaside coastal city, where you can spend a fun city break and at the same time take short day trips to nearby towns or spend a romantic evening on a yacht admiring Tallinn’s beautiful silhouette.

Tallinn, which belonged to the Hanseatic League during the Middle Ages, was an important trading city for centuries. Tallinn’s Old Town is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, because it is one of the best preserved and intact medieval cities in Europe. Today Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, is a vivacious metropolis, which glass and steel high-rise buildings are a sign that it continues to grow and develop into international travel destination for business, family vacations, shopping and weekend breaks. In addition, the historic Old Town offers a genuine medieval feel, which makes its old-fashioned houses with their lovely restaurants ideal for people who enjoy romantic medieval atmosphere mixed with our modern world.

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