Fitness, gyms and running routes near My City Hotel

The central city of Tallinn has excellent opportunities for fitness lovers and many possibilites to do sport in Tallinn. There are several gyms and swimming centres a walking distance from the hotel.

Facilities in the central city:

  • MyFitness– three different clubs not more than 15 minutes from the hotel.
  • Reval Sport– gym and a swimming center in the Old Town.
  • Kalev Spa– Spa, gym and a swimming centre in the Old town.

Tallinn has plenty of greenery and space for doing sport outdoors. You can have a run for example in the park of Kadriorg, jog around Šnelli lake or follow the promenade next to the sea and combine sport with sightseeing as many important places will be on your route.

Please ask guidance from our reception to find the best places to break a sweat!

More sport activities

More sport activities

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