How to get to My City Hotel?

My City Hotel is located in the magical Old Town of Tallinn. The ideal location and proximity to the airport, port, bus station and railway station makes the hotel really easily approachable.

When you arrive in Tallinn, the first and the easiest way is to take a taxi. Just ask the taxi driver to take you to My City Hotel and you will reach us in a few minutes.


Please keep in mind that taxi rates are not regulated by law in Estonia. Before you start your ride, make sure that the rate is acceptable to you and, if possible, ask the driver for the estimated fare.


The most common taxi companies represented in the Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport, port, railway and bus station are Tallink Taxi and Tulika Taxi. 

If you do not want to worry about taxis or public transport, we can also book a transfer for you. If you would like to order the transfer to the Tallinn International Airport, our driver will welcome you in the arriving flights zone with your name tag.


Please send us an e-mail with the flight number and estimated arrival time and also the number of people who would need the pick-up. If you are arriving by other means of transport, send us the information about the location and arrival time. The transfer cost depends on the number of persons and on the pick-up location.


The transfer should be ordered at least 12 hours before arrival.

Reaching us by public transport:

  • If you arrive by plane at Lennart Meri Airport (Distance to hotel: 5 km): Tram number 4. Stop: Lennujaam -> Vabaduse Väljak (get off at the 12th stop)
  • If you arrive by ferry or ship at Port of Tallinn (Distance to hotel: 2 km): Tram number 1 or 2. Stop:  Linnahall -> Mere Puiestee (get off at the second stop) or bus number 2.  Stop: Reisisadam -> A. Laikmaa (get off at the 2nd stop)
  • If you arrive in Tallinn by train at Balti Jaam (Distance to hotel: 2 km): Tram nr 1 or 2. Stop: Balti Jaam -> Mere puiestee, get off at the 4th stop
  • If you arrive by bus at Tallinn Bus Station (Distance to hotel: 3 km): Tram number 4. Stop: Autobussijaam-> Viru/Vabaduse Väljak (get off at the 4th or 5th stop) or bus number 2. Stop:  Autobussijaam ->A. Laikmaa (get off at the 3rd stop)

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