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Goodnight sleep guarantee

Goodnight sleep in My City Hotel in Tallinn Old Town.

One of the main reasons why hotel services are bought is first and foremost the need to have a place to sleep. Hotels often overlook that primary need and instead put a lot of emphasis on other additional values such as for example entertainment programs instead of good night sleep.

We have already taken some precautions to contribute to the sleeping quality of our visitors but for light sleepers, this is not always enough!

We are now offering a package to purchase with our guarantee for a good night’s sleep in the old town of Tallinn. Simply add the guarantee to your reservation when booking the room.

Goodnight sleep package includes:

  • Quiet courtyard side room
  • Housekeeping will not perform noisy tasks until 10 a.m.
  • Calming herbal tea in your room
  • Lavender sachet that brings good dreams and relaxes your mind.
  • Wake-up light that imitates the sunrise and ensures a natural awakening

If despite our efforts you still didn’t rest well you will not be charged for the package!

Staying in a central city hotel has never been as peaceful.

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