When a business is operating 24-hours a day, seven days a week, there is no doubt it leaves a significant footprint on the nature. For example, just washing bed sheets in hotels all over the world is using millions of gallons of water and tons of detergent daily!


In honour of World Environment Day last year we listed some of the things that we do in My City Hotel to reduce the negative impact  of hotels on nature. To celebrate the Earth Hour on the 24th of March, we have updated this list. Stay tuned until the end and find out how you as a guest can help out as well!


Our promise for a better tomorrow


Winters in Estonia seem to last longer than anywhere else and with it comes darkness. Sun sets early and all we can do is switch on the lights. Thanks to advanced technologies there are energy efficient lightbulbs that reduce the amount of electricity used to generate light and help us save a lot of electricity.


Besides our long winters, we’re sure you’ve heard  about E-stonia and the well developed digital society. Surprisingly, in the digitalized world there is still an enormous amount of information printed out. Is it all necessary? We don’t think so. That’s why we have minimized printed materials about the hotel and keep  our website up to date instead. This way we can slightly reduce the amount of waste. Speaking of which, we also recycle and sort all of our waste whenever possible.

Paper, plastic and glass goes to recycling and we make sure that hazardous waste (batteries etc.) won’t end up where it could cause any harm. In order to create less plastic trash, we do not offer free bottled water in rooms as a general standard. The tap water in Tallinn is safe to drink and is also healthier for the consumers as well. Water bottled in plastic contains plastic particles that can be harmful. We aim to lose majority of plastic packaging in the rooms such as plastic wrappers in the vanity kits.


In order to continuously ensure good quality of sleep for our guests, we replace blankets and pillows when it is needed. We then wash the replaced blankets and pillows and donate them to charity. Any items left or forgotten are given away if the owners show no interest in getting them back. Dispose less, donate more!


In the bathroom our guests can find different types of bathroom amenities. The shower gels on the walls are bought through eco-commerce and the soapbars are handmade in Estonia. These options are both good for the guests and the environment. The bedsheets and towels are washed with eco-friendly chemicals as well.


How can you help?


Some acts towards being more enviromentally friendly depend on our guests’ involvement. Here are 5 simple things you can do to help along in saving our environment.

  1. If you would like to re-use your towels hang them on the rack and if you want them changed place them on the floor. This is a golden rule of hotels! It’s up to you but we encourage re-using whenever you can.
  2. The leftovers of the handmade soaps mentioned previously are collected and re-melted by our partner. The new soaps are donated to charity. Please do not throw away the soap you haven’t finished.
  3. In order to help us separate the waste, please leave paper and hazardous items on the table. Our housekeeping will dispose of them accordingly.
  4. Switch off the lights whenever leaving the room and turn the tap off in the moments you’re not using it to prevent unnecessary waste.
  5. Have an open discussion with us whenever you see a way we could be more environmentally friendly.



You see? By doing all the things mentioned, we can save water consumption, reduce water pollution, littering, save electricity and help the community by recycling. Together we can do amazing things and contribute to saving the Earth, even if just a little.


Have a lovely day celebrating Earth Hour and don’t lose awareness of our actions on nature!

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