Best Price Guarantee

Book with Confidence. You are getting the best price guarantee from our official website.


We love when guests contact us directly for bookings. We love to be challenged when guests have special requests and wishes. But we also challenge ourselves in many ways.


We want you to be confident that the price you get from our website is THE BEST available price online. We guarantee: you will not find a better price – anywhere!


If you do happen to find a better rate for My City Hotel on a competing website after booking on under the same conditions (Room only or with breakfast? Cancellation and payment terms?) please send a claim to our revenue manager Merilin Septer ( with a screenshot where the price with conditions is visible.


If all conditions are the same and the rate is directly bookable online, we will meet the lower rate and give you an extra 5% off along with our promise to prevent it from happening again!


Book online with Confidence. Best price and hotel deals are guaranteed!


*Claims must be submitted before, or within 24 hours after, making a reservation through a My City Hotel website, and at least 48 hours before the standard check-in time by Tallinn (Estonia) local time (18:00, CET+1).

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