Charity campaign

The charity campaign updates


We thank every one of you who has booked a room through our website. As of today, over 70 people who booked on our homepage during the blanket campaign have stayed in My City Hotel. The first 10 blankets have been taken to the city’s Social Department in Narva from where they are distributed to the families in need. The first blanket already found an owner this Saturday. The blanket went to an 18 year old girl from the orphanage who will be graduating school in spring and will then start her own independent life.


We met with the specialist of the Social Department, Zanna Golubtsikova, right before the children were about to take a trip to the seaside for an active day outdoors. The hotel staff also got them a few things to do sports and play outside.


Zanna Golubtsikova, on behalf of the children and families, would like to thank people who have contributed to the charity project with their bookings.

The season is just starting and we hope that by the end of this year we have managed to give close to 100 blankets in order to help the families and children who need them the most.


We would especially like to thank the guest who has supported the cause with an additional donation besides their homepage booking!


My City Hotel is  donating one brand new high-quality Hemtex blanket to a child in need after every 10th homepage booking. With the help of Social Work Center in Narva these blankets will reach the children in need to help and improve their quality of sleep. Good sleep is important to us!


See further reasons to book on our website HERE.