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Supersaver Rate

Tallinn becomes an ideal destination for a city break in the spring. The city is still relatively calm and you can enjoy your holidays and relax completely.

Spring is in Tallinn, come as well!

Supersaver rate offers you an opportunity to stay in one of the best hotels in Tallinn with a reasonable price. If hotel breakfast is not important for you and you are ready to pay for your room when making the booking – here’s a special bonus: 20% off from the Daily Rate! Price includes accommodation according to the selected room type and the number of persons.

Terms and conditions in best hotels in Tallinn:

  • Supersaver rate can be booked only via hotel’s homepage.
  • Only limited number of rooms are available with this offer.
  • Price does not include breakfast (but you can still buy breakfast in the hotel, if you have changed your mind).
  • The room cost will be charged from your credit card shortly after confirming your booking.
  • Confirmed bookings can not be changed and in case of a cancellation, money will not be refunded.

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