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Frontpage Tallinn Restaurants

Restaurants in Tallinn

See the restaurants that locals love.

Restaurant Fish & Wine is located in just few steps from My City Hotel in Tallinn.
Wonderful restaurant for those who appreciate good wine and seafood.

F-Hoone is located a bit further away from old town,

but is surely worth the jouney! Trendy dining place with very good and creative atmosphere. Sometimes you have to wait for a while for your dish, but time flies in F-Hoone... you probably don't even notice it!

Restaurant Sfäär is just 1 km from My City Hotel in Tallin.

Fresh and local ingredients, good menu also for kids, nice wine selection and simple nordic atmosphere. We warmly recommend!

Restaurant Olde Hansa is located in 50m from My City Hotel in Tallinn Old Town.
If you want to experience something unforgettable and medieval, you have come to the right place. Olde Hansa is the home of a rich merchant in Tallinn near the Town Hall square. At his table you will eat as a king and Krambude has stocked his shelves with all the fashionable goods of the 15th century.

Restaurant Troika is located in 100m from our hotel in Tallinn at the Town Hall square.
Restaurant Troika introduces the Russian soul and food culture. The cosy old-fashioned Russian basement restaurant is worth a visit. They offer delicious blinis and dumplings as well as traditional Russian main dishes. After the table has been laid, it's time for the soul to enjoy - every night after 18:30 they present Russian live folk music. Discover the space of Russian soul in Troika!

Restaurant Ö is located just outside the Old Town.
This is a Modern Estonian Kitchen, where the traditional, local products and the experiment of treating them in a new, different way play a big part. They make their own very special bread and make their own ice-creams and sorbet’s from collected berries. It's the elite of restaurants.

Restaurant Controvento is located in 200m from the My City Hotel in Tallinn Old Town. Cosy combination of medieval Estonia and rustic Italy makes it a stylish restaurant. They offer delicious pasta and veal dishes, complemented by fantastic selection of Italian wines.

Cafe Moon is located about 1km from the hotel. It's just outside the Old Town.
Cafe Moon is one of the favourite eating places among the locals. Simple interior, great food, pleasant service and reasonable prices characterise it the best.

Kohvik Komeet just 300 meters from our hotel in Tallinn, in Solaris centre.

Simple and cosy café with beautiful view! If not for lunch, we truly recomment this place for after lunch coffee and a cake. Their fresh pastry probably makes you return..

Vapiano again just 300m, in Solaris centre.

Fast and fresh they make pastas, pizzas and salads just in front of your eyes, in open kitchen. Really good for quick lunch!

Restaurant-club Clazz is located in 50m from My City Hotel in Tallinn.
It's a unique restaurant-club, where on six nights a week you can enjoy high-quality European cuisine and listen to jazz, blues, Latin rhythms and world music in the live performance of both Estonian and foreign musicians till the early hours of the morning.

We recommend booking the table in all the restaurants, then you can be sure that they have enough places for you.

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